We are dedicated to developing, translating and staging plays and readings with a queer and Latin American perspective, influenced by pop-culture and the telling of stories of universal political struggles. The previous involves taking on projects by queer Latino Canadian authors, developing new work about Latin American queer issues, translating groundbreaking Latin American plays on the subject, and ultimately creating a network and a space for sharing the love of theatre from this starting point.

Cocodrilo Triste’s first project was the staging of Paradise Red, by Bruce Gibbons Fell.

During the course of 2016, the collective plans to showcase two new plays, and work on the translation of other queer Latin American plays.

The collective’s values are the search for truth, acceptance, and respect for others as well as our own selves.

A little mandate, in progress:

v To develop works with a queer and Latin American perspective.

v To present in Canada new translations of Latin American queer theatre.

v To explore historical events in a theatrical context with a political, humorous point of view.

v To create collaborations between artists with similar preoccupations in accordance to the values of the collective.